Saturday, 22 June 2013

Stall, Aden, Prints

Today I have had some excited new things happening.
First off I was at my first official stall selling my own products. Was great seeing other people looking at my work and taking my business card! I hope to speak to some of them soon.

Also I got some amassing news! I am now going to be for sale in Friends Of Aden in Aden Country Park. The ones currently there are priced at £9.25 and a portion of that will go back into helping the park for everybody enjoyment. So get down and help out out a wonderful park and local crafters.
My mum also has some of her craft in there. Her facebook page is Handy Mandy Cards and Craft

I am now also offering prints which can be customize to fit into any living space you want. Above is just an example of some of the colors I can do. If you have any requests I am more than willing to fill them. I will be adding more designs and colour combinations when I have free time but please just ask away and Ill get it done!


 I have a varity of frames. In 3's like the above pictures. Some 10x8's and will be getting some others as soon as I source them. 
As well as this I have some Fridge Magnets which can be seen in the first picture (colored squares) and keyrings. All can be custome made prints inside.

Much Love,
Klayer Davidson

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