Friday, 30 August 2013

Violet Von Stein

Hello all!
So if you saw one of my latest blog posts you will see I did a little behind the scenes with Violet Von Stein.
As well as this I have poped up the images on my facebook so you can have a look, but it make it easier here is every image from that shoot:

I hope you liked them!
Was great fun to shoot with the lovely Violet and we are currently in discusion about doing another shoot together. So keep your eyes pealed for that.

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dundee Tattoo Convention

Hello everyone!
I had mentioned on Facebook I was off to the Dundee tattoo convention last weekend. So this post just has a few images taken from the event.
A model and friend; Lucy Derry was there official videographer so I decided to pop along even tho I was battling the sniffles.
I didn't know what to expect to be honest, perhaps a bit more going on for the price it cost to get in. Me and my partner left after 30mins as we had visited each floor and nothing was going on and my health was slowly getting worse in the heat inside the place.
Would i go back? Possibly yes, depending on what bang I could get for my buck next time.

So here is some more pictures:

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Debbie Edit

I often wonder if people dont relise the work that goes into a final image.
Sure it helps if everything is perfect in camera to start with but it doesnt always go that way.
So im going to start doing some before and after pictures to show you all.

Here is one from my recent shoot with Debbie:

The first thing i did was remove the hair from infront of her face as I find that incredibly distracting. Its not as noticeably on small size but it is when its enlarged. So that was the first thing that had to go.
Next the color of the water was just not doing anything for me, I ditched the murky brown for a greenie blue and enhanced the ripples and water drops. 
I made her brighter and more "glowing" as I wanted her to really stand out. I like my whites bright and my blacks dark especially when it comes to B&W so this follows into my colour work too.

I will be posting a few more of these so you can all see the effort that goes into it.

Much love,
Claire Davidson x


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Debbie and her Dress

Its been super busy over here with editing and lots of shoots to get through!
Last Wednesday I had two: one with the lovely Lucy then one with a woman I had not worked before with; Debbie.

Debbie and I met over facebook and we got chatting about posible shoot ideas.
I had a wedding dress that had been sitting around me for a while which I picked up on a huge bargain of £5. So I really wanted to use it and pitched my idea.

We landed up with a run away bride theme as well as some images for my wedding portfolio.
Here is just a selection of the images:


We have planed to do another shoot and its currently in the works so really looking forward to that!

 Debbie can be found: Debbie Wing Modelling 

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

Friday, 9 August 2013

Behind the scene with Violet von Stein


Yesterday (8th) I was very lucky to have a shoot with the stunning and popular Violet von Stein.
It was held in Aberdeen and the shoot was zombie nurse. I was also lucky enough to have my partner and second shooter in training there: Thomas Boyden. 

So the images in this post will be done by his hand as his little task as well as getting some pictures of beautiful Violet, was also to get some behind the scene type shots.  

The day was more than great. The weather wasn't against us until the end but it didn't affect our mood at all.
I particularity enjoyed the reactions of the passing crowd. One even had a photo with Violet (will be shown at a later date). There were overall very nice and tho there was a few comments made she took it in her stride.

She was such a lovely woman to work with and I very much hope to work with her again! 

So on with the show:

Much Love,
Claire Davidson