Friday, 9 August 2013

Behind the scene with Violet von Stein


Yesterday (8th) I was very lucky to have a shoot with the stunning and popular Violet von Stein.
It was held in Aberdeen and the shoot was zombie nurse. I was also lucky enough to have my partner and second shooter in training there: Thomas Boyden. 

So the images in this post will be done by his hand as his little task as well as getting some pictures of beautiful Violet, was also to get some behind the scene type shots.  

The day was more than great. The weather wasn't against us until the end but it didn't affect our mood at all.
I particularity enjoyed the reactions of the passing crowd. One even had a photo with Violet (will be shown at a later date). There were overall very nice and tho there was a few comments made she took it in her stride.

She was such a lovely woman to work with and I very much hope to work with her again! 

So on with the show:

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

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