Friday, 20 September 2013

David Lawn Final Edit

If you noticed my earlier blog post with David Law you will have seen the behind the scenes my partner took. So here are the finished items. You can also find them on my facebook page Klayer Davidson Photography - Model.
Hope you enjoy!

Much Love, 
Claire Davidson xx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A shoot with David Lawn

 Hello everybody!
I had another shoot today...but with the pictures above you can tell it was a bit different. For once I was shooting with a male!

After the success of my last blog post of Violet Von Stein and her behind the scenes. I thought I would do that every so often. So since today was special this lovely guy will get a behind the scenes too.

The man in question is a Mr David Lawn. 

All the pictures in this post like last time were taken by my lovely assistant and partner Thomas Boyden. 

So a little about today: We met up on union street at my usual meeting place and stood beside each other for a few minuets before I made the leap and said "hi" because I worked out it was David (I mean its not every day you see amassing trousers like these - of which I will be making!)
After that it was straight to busness. It was such a layed back shoot which is just my style. He posed, smiled and frowned and got some great pictures. 

The pictures below are just a little snippet of the shoot which will hopefully leave you wanting more.


As usual keep an eye out for my facebook page where they will be posted as they are done.

Also if you haven't already saved my blog make sure you do so that you don't miss out on any exciting news and goings on. 

Much love,
Claire Davidson