Monday, 3 June 2013

A photoshoot with Lucy Derry

I had put out on gumtree that I was looking for models. Nothing had came of it at the time and I was not looking hopeful. After my shoot with Iga on Satuday I was buzzing for the next one. But i had nobody lined up and didn't know where to go from there.
Thankfully Lucy came to my rescue as she replied to my gumtree and I managed to get a shoot with her the very next day.

We decided to meet in Haddo around 1:30 and her choice in clothes was Gothic and I had no idea what clothes she was going to wear until I saw her.
She looked stunning, tho her outfit probably wasn't the best as little did we know there was a thing on in haddo and there were hundred of little kids.

I think I was the most awkward of the both of us as the attention did not seem to bother her, so good on her! Hopefully one day ill get a thick skin like hers.

I really hope to shoot with her again, she was such a beautiful lovely girl. Plus she is the type of model I enjoy most, I love the alternative type look.

More of the shoot can be found on my facebook or by clicking here

Much Love,
Klayer Davidson

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