Monday, 10 June 2013

Sneek peek on things to come, plus exciting news!

I have had three photoshoots in the last few days and I have not got around to editing them all yet.
So I thought I would leave you with some pictures (some already posted and some not) of things to come!

As well as this some HUGE news which Ill pop down the bottem.

Today (Monday) I had a photoshoot with Miss Lucy again with a retro pin-up gangster fusion.

On the Friday I had a shoot with the Lovely Kirsten

And an unspoken about gem is Sammy and her previously unseen shoot:

Iv got more pictures to put up but there was just a little taste.

Also I would like to take this moment to say my website is now open!
 Im still fidding about with it but its good to go and will be updated with more pictures as they come!

Much Love,

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