Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Henry Holland

Hello there Beautiful,
At the wonderful North East Blogger Event we were given the very exciting opportunity to win some goodies by doing a dress up and picture for the Henry Holland collection.
Now im no way a stick thin model and as luck would have it a beautiful girl was with me the morning after!
Grabing my opportunity (and of course asking if this was within the rules) I came up with these cute little outfits.
I love Henry Hollands prints and am proud to say hes a British designer. They are so bold and full of color they are worth a visit and a try on. 

This outfit uses a cute black dress with cartoon print
I styled it with a knit colorful cardigan to complement the brightness of the dress.

In the background you can see the outfits below and also a peach leather jacket which was stunning.

Probably my favourite item is the pale lemon dress. It retails for £38 buy is on sale for the amazing price of £28.50 found here (click for Debenhams website)

With the white blouse (found here) underneath it has a feminine kick but looked great with the leather jacket.
Its one of those dresses that could be dresses up or down. Perfect for wedding and beach alike.

And of course no outfit is compete with some amazing bright coral wedges!

Much Love,
Klayer Davidson

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