Sunday, 8 December 2013

November round Up

I'll be the first to admit I am not the greatest blogger in the land. I always forget to update and usually post it on my Facebook page instead. So if i seem a little quite check out there for any updates.

So this post is going to be a little round up of all the exciting things I haven't told you about that's happened during November and before.

First off my brand new logo and website design is complete. I still have my blog to design over the the new logo but everything is going well. Business cards have arrived and already have been dished out. Its been fantastic so far and love my new logo to pieces. Next stop is to personalize the packaging for the prints and that is already under way.

Things have been all over the place for the last few months and photography has taken a slight back seat. So I haven't had as much shoots as I would have liked. However I'm looking forward to get some more lovely shoots done with some children and really want to focus my work there. Theirs something so amazing about how little ones act and its a dream to work with them.

Along the same lines I was invited to Tutu's Dance School by Moria. It was great fun to work with them and they were so full of life. So below is just some little pictures of them.

I look forward to talking to you all again in the next blog post, I have such exciting news to tell you all!

Much love,
Claire Davidson x

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