Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Updates and Shoots

Hello guys,
been a long time since I wrote to the blog, But not without good reason I can assure you.

Since my last post I have had many photo opportunities with some beautiful models.
If you have been following my Instagram (KlayerD) you will have noticed I have been putting up some behind the scene images of editing and straight out of camera shots.
So in this post I will be posting there side to side counterparts so you can see start to finish.

I had a super busy day a few weeks back squeezing in 4 photo shoots. It was meant to be five but im super glad a model didn't make it simply so I could eat lunch as I didn't get home until 9.30pm.

First up in the day I had the lovely Moira and her first shoot with me:
 Her image landed up looking like this:

 Then after that the lovely Debbie and her shoot. Her camera shot was this:
And her finished image was:

Next was a first time model to my lens named Gemma, whilst she isn't a model she was able to pull of convincing emotions due to her drama studies. 

Then I had the lovely Violet Von Stein. Her shoot was the first I have ever done of her kind. I cant deside if its for me or not. Would  love to try more studio based type shoots, however always think I will be a location girl. 


The rest of these sets can be found on my new Facebook page Klayer Davidson Photography - Model

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

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