Sunday, 14 July 2013

Nancy and Annie Rose

I have been busy busy and had two shoots on Sunday the 14th.

One of them was with two little girls Annie Rose and Nancy. I just wanted to show you two of the pictures I had taken during the shoot.

Little Nancy was playing with some wooden blocks when I had the idea of spelling there name with them! 
Getting them to both look at the camera (and in Nancys case not pick up her letters as well) was a little challenge but I think it was defiantly worth the end result. Its nice to do more natural shoots as well posed ones as there are some really nice ones of them playing in the garden as well as in there room with bubbles.  So that was a great morning with the girls and very relaxed atmosphere which I think really helped the overall finish of the images. The children were able to do there own thing which really helped.

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

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