Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Custom Camera

Sorry about the poor picture, taken by my phone!

My camera strap came! And it only took 1 day and a half, how quick. Mega impressed.
I bought it from Custom Camera Strap and cost me £15
There Facebook is Here
And there website is

The quality is amassing, and its super soft and great for my neck which I just hated on the standard Canon one. 
 It also feels pretty sturdy so i don't need to worry about it breaking which I admit i was worried about to start with.

The man who runs it also is super lovely and talked me through everything and took my logo and made up my design. I orderd it about 12pm and was posted by 12am and I just got it about 11.30am! So not even a full two days. 

Would love to get more if only I had another camera to pop it on boo!

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

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